External Link

External links—also called outbound links or simply backlinks—are hypertext connections originating from a source website and directing users to another destination elsewhere on the internet.

Often utilized for citation purposes or supplementary resource suggestions, external links play a significant role in strengthening user experience, reinforcing credibility, and facilitating network expansion.

Importance in SEO

  • Signals topical relevance and association to search algorithms
  • Transmits equity and improves the popularity of linked domains
  • Augments content comprehensiveness and depth through corroborative evidence
  • Demonstrates commitment to ethical standards and responsible sourcing


Imagine a tech reviewer comparing two smartphones released by competing brands. Throughout his assessment, he includes several external links substantiating benchmark scores, pricing details, customer reviews, and independent evaluations provided by trusted technology news portals.

Notably, these citations enhance the overall piece’s reliability and validity, thereby instilling greater confidence among readers deliberating purchases.

Additionally, connecting with reputable publishers may foster mutually advantageous relationships benefitting future endeavors, possibly unlocking promotional opportunities or access to privileged previews.


  • Source material judiciously from high-authority websites
  • Opt for deep links pointing toward interior pages instead of general home pages
  • Apply the rel=”nofollow” attribute appropriately when linking to less reliable sources
  • Interlink internal assets coherently to reinforce hierarchy and logical flow
  • Vary anchor text distribution intelligibly without resorting to manipulative practices


  • Indiscriminately link to any available resource indiscriminately
  • Blindly rely on automated solutions lacking human oversight
  • Endorse dubious organizations or discredited theories intentionally
  • Sell or exchange links commercially for monetary compensation
  • Disregard broken link maintenance and periodic auditing needs