Dofollow Link

A dofollow link is a type of hyperlink that does not use any special coding to instruct search engines to ignore the link.

When a search engine crawler encounters a do-follow link, it follows the link and attributes the linked page with a vote of confidence or “link juice,” which can help improve the linked page’s search engine ranking.

Importance in SEO

Dofollow links are crucial for SEO because they pass on link equity, also known as link juice, from one page to another.

High-quality dofollow links from reputable websites can significantly boost the search engine ranking of the linked page.


A dofollow link from a popular industry blog to your website’s article would pass on some of the blog’s authority to your page, potentially improving its visibility in search results.


  • Build high-quality dofollow links from authoritative websites to enhance your site’s SEO.
  • Use dofollow links strategically within your content to guide users to valuable resources.
  • Monitor your backlinks to ensure they are dofollow and from reputable sources.


  • Over-optimize your site with dofollow links, as excessive linking can appear spammy to search engines.
  • Exchange dofollow links with low-quality or irrelevant websites.
  • Use automated link building tools that can result in low-quality or spammy dofollow links.