Author Rank

Author Rank is a concept in SEO where the reputation and authority of an article’s author are taken into account by search engines as a ranking factor. It suggests that content created by authors with a strong online presence and high credibility may be given preferential treatment in search results.

Importance in SEO

While Author Rank is not yet a confirmed ranking factor in mainstream search engine algorithms, it has been discussed as a potential future direction.

If implemented, it could significantly impact content marketing and SEO strategies, emphasizing the importance of building a personal brand and establishing oneself as an authority in a specific niche.


In the early days of Google’s search algorithm, the company experimented with Author Rank through its Google+ platform, which allowed authors to claim their content and attach their profiles to articles.

However, this initiative was later discontinued. Despite this, the idea of Author Rank remains a topic of interest among SEO professionals.


  • Encourage authors to build their personal brand and online presence.
  • Ensure that authorship information is accurately attributed to content.
  • Cultivate a community of authors who are respected authorities in their field.
  • Monitor industry developments for any signs of Author Rank implementation.
  • Consider using platforms that allow for clear authorship attribution.


  • Over-optimize for Author Rank, as it is not currently a confirmed ranking factor.
  • Rely solely on Author Rank as a strategy, as the concept is still speculative.
  • Compromise on content quality in the pursuit of establishing author authority.
  • Engage in link schemes or other manipulative tactics to game Author Rank (if it were to exist).
  • Assume that Author Rank will significantly impact SEO without further evidence.