Article Spinning

Article spinning is the practice of rewriting existing content to create new, unique versions of the original article. This is often done to avoid plagiarism or to create multiple versions of an article for SEO, to rank for various keyword phrases.

Importance in SEO

In the past, article spinning was considered a black hat SEO technique because it was often done in a way that was deceptive to search engines and users. However, if done properly, it can be a legitimate way to repurpose content and reach a wider audience.

High-quality spun articles can provide value to readers by offering different perspectives or information on a topic.


For example, an article about “SEO Tips for Beginners” could be spun to “Advanced SEO Strategies for Experienced Marketers” by changing the focus and details of the advice provided, while still retaining the core message.

  • Use high-quality content: Start with well-written, informative content to ensure that the spun articles are valuable to readers.
  • Employ professional writers: If possible, hire professional writers to create unique content rather than relying solely on spinning tools.
  • Use spinning tools wisely: If you must use spinning tools, choose ones that can generate high-quality variations and ensure that you review and edit the output manually.
  • Focus on originality: The goal should be to create truly unique content that offers something new or different, not just to change a few words for the sake of SEO.


  • Duplicate content: Avoid creating articles that are too similar to the original or other content on your site.
  • Over-reliance on software: Don’t rely solely on spinning software to create new content. Human oversight and editing are crucial to ensure quality.
  • Keyword stuffing: Don’t stuff articles with keywords in an attempt to manipulate search rankings. This can lead to a poor user experience and may result in penalties from search engines.
  • Lack of context: Ensure that the spun article maintains the original context and meaning, avoiding nonsensical or confusing content.

Article spinning can be a useful tool for repurposing content, but it must be done with care and attention to quality to provide value to readers and to comply with search engine guidelines.